Since 1991!


Please keep in mind we are not a tax exempt charity.  If you need a tax exemption for any donations message me for referrals.

We always need some carpenter help repairing the farm here if you can volunteer.  Our deck and stairs to the front door needs work.  Our front door gets a lot of work out each year so repairing the Wiener Ranch to keep the place safe for our 3000+ visitors a year is always a nonstop job.

Some items that we always need at the rescue which we always are buying:

1. Large bottles of bleach

2. Paper towels - loads of paper towels!

3. Spray cleaner such as 409

4. Laundry packs for a front loading washer

5. Toilet paper - loads of toilet paper is used for all the visitors!

6. Bottled water

7. New or gently used dog and pet items that we can store and sell at our dog adoption booths about 8 times a year as a fundraiser.  Folks send a lot of toys and fun wiener stuff  to us each year.  We are forever grateful so we can try to sell and donate the rest to other rescuers or shelters here.  We do have the storage here for all the resale items.  PLus many items are sent out with adoptable dogs like toys, beds, blankets, etc.

8. Purina Dog Chow in the green bag and it will say Chicken on the front also is the food we feed around 500+ pounds a month so we always smile when folks bring unopened bags of our dog food.  We are doing fine on canned food and dog cookies so thanks.

And of course:

Cash - so many items we buy to keep the dogs healthy we pay full price just like everyone else.  For example, we have to buy flea drops, worm meds, vet medicine as prescribed, shots and toe nail clippers constantly and that always takes cash.

Our largest expenses here:

1. Vet bills.  Plus we also buy the dogs five way shots, rabies shots and worm meds as well as flea drops.  Those items take cash to keep the dogs healthy  for placement and get their health records up to date as many come in without being fixed and no current records which we start from scratch so they go to their new homes healthy and happy with a very good start.  We place around 125 dogs each year and many come in with nothing, not even a collar so we have to buy a lot at full retail so cash is always appreciated.

2. We kill a washer and dryer it seems every year because the dogs have clean, cushy bedding in their dog crates at night plus plenty to burrow under for their dog room which we call the living room.

3. We also kill a weed eater, riding mower and a small push mower every year or so as well to keep the place looking nice and mowed for the 3000+ visitors a year with all the open houses and parties we host here.  

4. Transportation to and from shelters in the Pacific Northwest and to and from vet's offices so we go through an older SUV here every three years or so.

Photos of the dog yard or our front yard to the left and below in spring when the trees are blooming.  The dogs have access to large, grassy yards.  They do not live on cement, gravel or mud here unlike some area animal shelters or other rescuers.  The dogs are not warehoused in a different building, but part of a large noisy wiener family until placed.  We live on a farm outside of town so plenty of room and space until we find the dogs the right family.

You must love dogs to come and visit here.  We start everyone out dog hugging if they can remain seated and do as asked so no one gets chomped.  The dogs are loose so if folks stay seated there is less chance of being bitten so kids age 8 and up are welcome. If folks want to do more than volunteer dog huggers than we have other opportunities once they prove they will show up on time and do as asked.  We need a few days notice before scheduling your appointments.  Thanks for that.

When folks visit here they must be able to remain seated at least an hour at a time and tell us BEFORE standing up so we can put away any dogs who might bite folks.  Dachshunds will go into protecto or bite mode like all wiener watch dogs.  I hate doing first aid so please communicate before moving to be safe so I put away any angry dogs, etc.  For that reason we have kids age 8 and up if they can stay seated as asked.  For those children who will not remain seated for long no matter their age it is safer to leave them at home please.  The dogs do kiss, hug and walk on people when loose during dog hugging sessions.

Please wear work clothes in case dogs run through mud or dog doo and jump on folks.  Wearing long pants is suggested.  Sharp dog nails do scratch bare legs when we clip them every two weeks.  This is a farm so some folks might leave messy or bring a chance of clothes.  Our "product" moves, makes messes and barks so if you can't stand noise or elimination waste this is not the place to come and visit.

There is no wheel chair access and there are two steps to get into the front door.  This is a private home so sorry we can not have any wheel chairs but many folks come with walkers, canes, crutches is always fine.

There is not a lot of training needed, just send Margo an email to and set an appointment in advance to come visit the Wiener Ranch.  We are open mornings at 10 am for volunteers.  Folks schedule me in advance via email or voice mail.  I do not schedule them to come here.  Folks who do not make appointments in advance do get chomped by our watch dogs or they might find me gone running errands.  We are not usually open afternoons or evenings here thanks to our regular work schedules plus the dogs are tired after company almost every morning here all year long.  If you need later hours please volunteer at a local shelter, Spokanimal, with their details below.

Please be aware that we are located out of town near Seven Mile so not on any bus routes.  ​If you need to ride a bus please volunteer with the Spokanimal shelter at 509-534-8133 or  near downtown Spokane.  We recommend them as the ONLY shelter in town we work with constantly.  Why?  They place a majority of the animals that come to them unlike SCRAPS, our local kill shelter.  (Being a kill shelter with SCRAPS or Spokane County where we live is why we started this rescue in the first place.  SCRAPS is tax payer supported so please support the no kill shelters and animal rescuers in the area with your donations.  Thanks.)

DONATIONS:  Our mailing address is Margo Mossburg, DRNW, PO Box 1383, Airway Heights, WA, 99001.  If folks want to deliver and inspect us please send Margo a private message on our Contact Us page.