We now have 3,000+ dog hugging volunteers, folks who come to inspect us and those who adopt that come to our farm each year to help us socialize the dogs we have for adoption.  We are a fully licensed dog rescue with the county or SCRAPS.

Since 1991!

Please give us your phone on this form too and reason for rehoming.  Thanks.

PLEASE READ:  I know it is long but it explains a lot to folks.

In order to take your dog(s) here at our dog rescue, we need the following answered:

1. Their (your) location?  We take in dogs from the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  We can't help dogs from all over the country so please do not email us dogs out of our area needing new homes.  Thanks.

2. Their age and sex?  Can you send us photos of them so we make sure they are our breed?  (Email those photos to dragoonfr@hotmail.com )

3. Reason for bringing to rescue?  Be specific and honest as we do take bratty wieners and other small dogs here.  We will find out anywise so please just tell us everything so no one is injured here please.

4. Does your dog have their health and shot records? 

5. Can you deliver your doggy to the rescue near Seven Mile or northwest of Spokane at 10 am in the morning when we are open for company?  By appointment only.  We always encourage folks to inspect us and see what we do so they feel comfortable knowing we will care for their dogs. I work afternoons and evenings so mornings at 10 am work best to catch us to visit.

6. There is no charge to bring dogs to us but we always smile if folks can donate something to their care.  This dog rescue is our hobby and never makes money. 

7. We DO TAKE in biters unlike shelters and they can take up to six months to retrain.  If too vicious to adopt or not adapting to training or being socialized we will have to put them down to be safe for us, our dogs, our visitors or any potential homes.  We do train them here and putting them down is always our last option.  

We have had to put 20 down out of 2,800+ now placed is good odds.  Now and then we run into ones so vicious we can't retrain them even with over 45 years experience in the breed.  But again that is rare and never a decision we like or make lightly.  Please be aware we might have to take to the vet for a shot and we make the best decisions for the dogs in our care. If they are miserable and not progressing in their training it is a kindness to let them go.

8. Once we take in dogs we NEVER return them.  So do not ask if you change your mind as we will always say no.  Do not involve a rescue unless you are ready and need us.  This is not negotiable and it is a final decision once you use our free service.

9. We will choose the best homes for the dog folks entrust to us.  I say no about nine times out of ten before we find the right home as we do not want them bouncing out later.  We look for quality adoptions and screen homes well and that takes time.  See our To Adopt page on how we screen homes, ask for references, etc.  No one gets a dog from us without thoroughly being checked out or we screen a lot more than most folks when they would place their own dogs.  If private parties place them without screening they just bounce here anywise so save all that bouncing from home to home and bring them here first please.

10. Visitors are scheduled when we have room and we have appointments in advance so no one is chomped by our watch dogs.  We have dogs larger than wieners here.

11.  If you bring children with you when dropping off the dogs they need to stay in the car please.  We know kids will be kids.

12. Once your dogs are here you are welcome to email later once a week and check on them but we will NEVER let you speak to the adopters for privacy sake.  That will never change so please do not ask.  I will happily answer emails as to why I choose certain homes, etc., if folks keep in touch.  I will not keep in touch with them when I work 14 hours a day for the dog rescue.  Folks will need to email me or leave a voicemail message if they want to know how their dogs are doing here.  I do answer 500+ emails every day here so hard to keep up if folks want to know something, just ask. Message only and a landline so no texting: 509-796-2140

13. Can you bring enough dog food for a WEEK please so they do not get sick?

14. Folks can bring their beds, toys, whatever is always fine.  The dogs love having familiar stuff too.

15.  We do take in small dogs of other breeds and mixes.  We are not set up for larger dogs. 

16. The dogs are not warehoused here.  They play in our home or outside in the yards.  They are crated at night otherwise they are part of a happy wiener family at our farm until placed in the right homes because we have 25 years experience screening homes for this breed.  We also know who should not adopt our dogs and work with other rescuers when needed to alert them and vice versa.

17.  The average stay here is about two months.  Some seniors stay longer and some younger, sweet ones find their homes sooner as we have always have a waiting list of folks looking for this breed.  If they are biters or nasty they could stay up to 6 months being socialized and trained.  If they are sweet and hug folks they will be placed quickly.  If they are too shy and do not hug new folks they will stay longer but no fear that they can stay as long as is needed to place them.  Now and then we have to transfer mixes to the local shelter during their events but www.spokanimal.org places dogs quickly as well when we are usually sitting next to each other at events.  I see how they screen homes which is why we work with them.  We make the right choices for the dogs to place dogs and not hoard them here.

18.  The average dog is playing and part of our wiener herd here in about three days.  It only takes a dog three days to settle into a new home.  Taking a dog to our rescue or rehoming them is always harder on the people than the dogs.  We have volunteers to bribe them and our dogs help them learn to play here quickly so we can get on with training any bad manners, etc.

19. Tell us when you would need to bring them by if you have a deadline so we can work on scheduling them to come here.  Unlike a shelter we need appointments in advance.  The average wait is a few dais to a week to bring here unless overfull that up to two weeks but those wait times vary depending on how full we are or if we have events or I get some time off scheduled a few times a year.

20. We do take in any strays quickly and will try to find their people.  The local animal shelters may make folks wait up to three weeks.

21. Let me know if you have other questions.  We want to make this an easy transition for you and your dog. 

22. We do not take in cats or other small animals or larger dogs, but they do at www.spokanimal.org near Napa and Trent.  Their phone is 509-534-8133.

If you are ready to have us help your family please answer the questions above.  Emails are best and faster with noisy, playing wieners here at the farm.  Our voice mail landline so no texting is 509-796-2140.  That is a message phone only.  I am not sitting in the office by the phone when I am workng with the dogs.



Director, Dachshund Rescue NW

PS If not enough room on the form to the left you can email directly at dragoonfr@hotmail.com  and answer those questions I asked above.