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REQUIREMENTS TO ADOPT A DOG FROM US:  Read this information and scroll down for the form to fill in please.  It is always apparent when folks do not read first before filling in our waiting list form below.   It may take some time for the form to load on phones so please be patient.  Thanks.  

Those who do not read below it is very obvious when they fill in adoption form below when looking for puppies or they do not have fenced yards.  Thanks.


1. ​We do require a secure fenced yard of at least 4' high with enough room to zoom for a hunting breed so no apartments, condos, porches with fencing, invisible fencing or hot wire, townhomes, etc.  Lots of stairs in and out of apartments and similar situations does break down their spines over time so they are prone to IVDD.  Please research spine issues and dachshunds will be number one on the list when they are a "half a dog high and two dogs long."  If you do not have a home with a fenced yard please do not fill in the following form.  Please make sure this digging breed can't get under your fencing too.  Yes, dachshunds dig A LOT.  They are dirt doggies so if you want your yard pristine then this is not your breed.

2. We do NOT adopt to homes with children under 8 and under.  Many of the dogs we get have already chomped children or the number one reason we foster and adopt this aggressive breed.  They were bred to hunt and shred badgers and wolverines underground hence their shorter legs.  There are studies of dog aggression and dachshunds are always top three on that list so we will not place them back in a home with toddlers when we pulled from that situation.  Thanks for not giving us a lecture how your last dog was great with your kids or grandkids too.  We know the ones we place very well and we want to make sure we keep future kids safe and not chomped or lose an eye, etc.

3. Dachshunds are very hard to housebreak and keep housebroken.  Dachshunds hate the snow and the rain.  Unless you are willing to take them out in all sorts of weather and witness their happy accidents outside then they will deliberately poo or pee inside in some sneaky corner or under some bed.  In that case close the doors to their rooms so they do not have access or please be smarter than the amazingly smart breed you want to adopt.  This breed is also well versed with "revenge pooping" too if you do something they do not like so they will let you know about it also.  Some dachshunds stay housebroke, but 99% of them do not so asking us for a perfectly housebroke dachshund is not practical.  Thanks.

4.  You want a well trained breed?  This is not it.  They know the rules and make up more rules as they go along.  We just go with their antics when being owned by dachshunds but that is not for everyone.  If you want a couch pillow then this is not your breed either.  They are a loud barking, overly protective breed of dogs who are usually active and zooming while killing years of squeaky toys.  Unless they are an old senior they are an active breed of dogs you want, for those who are new to this breed.  They are also charming, loyal, smart and fun but not everyone wants a dog smarter than the people in their homes.  Too funny.

5. We are not in the negotiating on their adoption fee business.  We take those adoption fees and pay it forward to adopt new dogs since we opened on April 11, 1991 and placing 2,400 dogs in homes.  Our experience is if you can't afford their adoption fees or their adoption price than chances are great later on you can't afford their vet bills like teeth cleaning later.  Thanks for not getting angry on what we charge when vet bills are our number one expense.  Vets do not and never will give away their services so we try to vet all the dogs before placement.  That may or may not include getting their teeth cleaned.  Many we get need that and we are not able to clean all their teeth before placement an being a small rescue.  We do not have a vet on staff and our regular vet charges us for her services with only a 10% discount off their fee.  No vet bills are ever free to us so we pass along that expense to the dog's future owners, hence adoption fees to try and cover their expenses when with us, in theory.  That way the dogs are healthy enough to be placed as well as spayed or neutered before placement. Plus, small breeds just have bad teeth so if you can't afford an adoption fee and any future vet bills, this adoption thing is not for you.  All dogs will have vet bills eventually for their teeth cleaning every year if you want to keep this breed healthy even if you buy a puppy.

6. If you do adopt from us we always do test drives, answer questions for the lives of the dogs, plan a ton of free events for family friendly fun and take them back and happily trade for another dog.  Refunds are rare when we are not adopting to folks unless they commit to keeping the dogs their entire lives and giving them a minimum of three months to settle into their new homes.  There is an adoption contract folks will sign stating they are keeping the dogs or returning them to us.  If life happens contact us and we will happily place them in new homes, no matter their age.

7. Be specific and answer all questions on this form below.  The more honest and details you give us the better dog we can find for your situation.  If you lie to us by not telling us you have children is never a good thing for you or the kids in your life.  Dachshunds have little patience for babysitting kids and we want your family and friends to be safe and not chomped.  Not all dogs we get are aggressive but some are so we match homes carefully starting with the form below.

8. All our dogs are guaranteed and we will take them back but you are not adopting a chair.  Now and then they get mad and act out so contact us right away if anything happens.  

9. If you are having issues with this form send an email to and answer the questions enclosed.  Many times it shows a blank screen once submitted and folks think it never went through.  Most times it does.  I do email everyone once we get a form and if no email from me within three days then we did not get your adoption form.  Sorry about that.  You can send a direct email to me also.  This form is online and not in paper form to save om office expenses.  If the form will not load for you let me know and I can ask questions via direct emails.  Those questions are designed to make sure we have the right dog for your situation.  Thanks if you can answer them on this form.  if on a phone, give it time to load please.

10.  We do not always have dogs for adoption or might have mixes or other breeds.  In that case check to see the dogs we do have here:    Winters are our slow time of year thanks to winter and icy roads in the Pacific Northwest region where we are located.  

11.  We are not breeders so we rarely have pups or younger dogs.  Placing a special order for colors or coats or sexes, etc.  Is not practical either.  We take the dogs we are contacted to take.  Many come direct from owners who do not want them in animal shelters so they can play on our farm until placed.

12.  Sorry, we do not ship dogs or meet in parking lots like puppy mills.  You do need to come to our rescue northwest of Spokane, Wash. to adopt from us.  If the dog you wanted is not working for you and your dogs we can show you the rest needing new homes too.  Yes, you may bring your dogs and we encourage that to make sure they get along.  If we are too far away from you please keep looking for adoptable dogs near you at or  Again you are communicating with a dog rescue near Spokane, Wash. in eastern Washington state or four hours west of Seattle.  That is the driving time here if the roads and mountains cooperate for traveling.

13.  Visitors are welcome by appointment in advance so no one is chomped by the large, mean watch dogs.  We schedule appointments to meet the dogs once this form is filled in and we match the right dog to your situation.  Meeting the dogs here is always the last step in our adoption process.  It starts with the form below.  No form, no adoptions...  

14.  The younger the dogs we get the more folks will want to adopt them of course.  We are not a wiener factory nor are we breeders.  We know a few great breeders and a ton of puppy mills when we are a rescue.  If you want a puppy go to and start there and NEVER buy any animals in parking lots.  It is illegal to do that parking lot buying in most parts of Washington state.  Asking us 10 times a week since 1991 for puppies is not fun for us, especially when we save lives here.  We do not create more dogs to rescue them later on.  Fill in the form if you actually want to ADOPT a homeless dog then woo hoo, you are our peeps!  Asking for puppies means I delete your form and I go onto the next family wanting to give a homeless dog a new home.

Have we scared you off yet from this breed?  No?  If not then fill in the form to adopt from us.  


If the scroller below is not working, please go to:

See our Facebook page for a listing and photos of the newest adoptable wiener dogs as they come into the rescue and when they are ready to adopt we list at the link to the right.

Our most current events and updates are on our Facebook page with photos from events, photos and videos of the dogs for adoption, free vet advice and questions answered and more.  We update that page daily with over 10,000 folks on that page now.


All of our dogs are fixed, up to date on their shots and worming so we give any health records we are given or start more records  (be aware most dogs come to rescue with NO records), come with personalities guarantees, adoption packages including food, collar, leash, harness coat, toys blankets and crates, if we have those donated items in stock.

Keep reading and scrolling below for our adoption form.  Thanks.