REQUIREMENTS TO ADOPT A DOG FROM US:  Read this information and scroll down for the form to fill in please.  It is always apparent when folks do not read first before filling in our waiting list form below.   It may take some time for the form to load on phones so please be patient.  Thanks.  

Those who do not read below it is very obvious when they fill in adoption form below when looking for puppies or they do not have fenced yards.  Thanks.


1. A fenced yard is required if you live in town so no apartments, townhouses, condos or trailer houses without a completely fenced yard.  I am looking for more than a fenced in patio.  We do not adopt to invisible fencing when in town.  We do ask folks have a real fence to less chance of being attacked bu other dogs or stolen or running off when they ignore the shocks.  WE DO ADOPT TO THE COUNTRY WITH NO FENCING.  If out in the country without fencing is fine and we will ask for your address so we can look up your home and ask for photos of your fence to make sure it is wiener proof.  We will need photos of your fenced yard emailed before you meet here or bring on your phone and show us all four sides of the house/yard.

2. We DO NOT adopt to children age 7 and under.  Many of the dogs we get have already nipped or bit at children.  This breed is not fond of toddlers or many young kids.  So disliking young kids is the number one reason we take in this breed so we will not be putting back in that same situation so please be honest with us.  We want everyone safe in the home.  And you will sign adoption contract when you come to adopt stating that no younger kids live in the home or young kids that only visit now and then.  This is a rule we never break even when asked or if kids are great with your dogs, etc.  This is the policy and it has never changed since we opened in 1991.

3. If you do not match the first two requirements above please do NOT fill in a form below or send us an email.  We will never break those rules above.

4. Almost always you will need to have another dog in the home or adopt two from us.  Dachshunds are a pack hunting breed.  Some older ones can be alone or with a cat but many need a dog buddy unless folks are home a lot.

5. Know this breed and their quirks.  If you are new to dachshunds we will place a sweeter one with newbies so tell us if you know the breed like they bark, they dig, they protect, they charm and they never mind their people and rarely stay house broke for their lifetime.  Dachshunds as a breed have a lot of quirks and are not like any breed of dogs.  If you want a house broke dachshund, please find a different breed.  We do get them well on their way to being house broke but it is up to their new people to take them outside every few hours and make them pee in the snow and rain or they will just go in the house.  It is not because they are not housebroke.  It is because why would a smart breed of dog go outside in the bad weather if their people did not make them go outside instead of letting them pee on the rug by the front door?

6. Be prepared to keep the dog their entire life otherwise do not ask to adopt one from us.  We are looking for their final home.  And if you can't keep them their entire lives you will need to bring them back here which is a typical rule in rescue.

7. Be prepared to pay their adoption fee and pay their vet bills their entire life of do not buy or adopt any dogs.

8. Be prepared to answer any more questions when you come to bring your dogs and your while family to adopt our dog.  We do not adopt a gifts or a holiday surprise for family members.  The person adopting the dog needs to be in touch with us directly.  If they do not have a computer they can leave a voicemail at 509-796-2140 and I will ask them these questions directly.  All adopters will sign an adoption contract.

9. You will need to come to the rescue near Spokane, Wash. to adopt.  I do not ship nor do we sit in parking lots like puppy mill breeders.  We are a rescue and we match dogs to their new homes.  If you can't travel there are a MILLION homeless dogs looking for love here: or  Thise sites screen people to some degree to list there.  You can search via zip code and your city.  You should insist on meeting them at the dog rescue and inspect them. If they insist on selling or "adopting" their dog in a parking lot, RUN!  (Do not buy dogs in parking lots especially puppies as you might be putting money in the hands of these prolific animal abusing puppy mill breeders or others like them: )

10, Be aware the initial adoption fee will be from us $150 to $350.  The younger the dog the more expensive to help us cover vet bills here.  There is no paid staff here and vet bills are always our largest expense along with web sites, cleaning supplies, office supplies, transportation and maintenance cost on vehicles, event costs, a new lawn mower almost every year, laundry machines we kill every year, gallons of bleach, buckets of laundry soap and so on to keep the dogs and this place presentable for company.  We are all volunteers since 1991.  We all have other jobs and we do this rescue to help homeless wieners stay out of area animal shelters. If someone whines to me about adoption fees then I do delete their form and read the next 500+ emails I get a day thanks to this dog rescue.

11.  Everyone always wants younger dogs from us and they all go fast from folks who have been watching our Facebook page or here:   We do a waiting list and go from there for folks who have already filled in the form below and are waiting.

12. Do NOT place any special orders below.  We are NOT breeders.  We place personalities in rescue, not their colors, coats (wire, short or long), ages, sex, sizes, etc.  We place the dogs who need help and are sent to us or we pull from shelters when needed.  Asking us for certain types of wieners is like asking God if we can have an 80 degree day in the middle of a eastern Washington state winter.  We just can't fill special orders.  That means you find a breeder and buy a puppy if you have specifics in mind.  If you want to help us save lives then proceed.

13. If you work long hours away from home, over 10 hours away from home daily, be prepared to tell me and send photos of your doggy set up so your dogs can relieve themselves while you are gone.  If you go to the bathroom every few hours why would you expect a dog to hold it over a few hours at a time?

14. Why are you the dog's best home?  

15. Do you have other pets or dogs in the home and how many?  Some dogs we place hat cats or already shredded their prey such as ferrets so we need to know this.


Margo, Director, Dachshund Rescue NW since 1991

PS We always prefer our form below but if it is not working please tell us about yourself and your family situation in a direct email to    You can use the requirements above for details on what we need to adopt one of our dogs to you.  If you refuse to help us find the right home for our dogs in your home by answering the questions honestly then please go buy a puppy instead.

If the scroller below is not working, please go to:

See our Facebook page for a listing and photos of the newest adoptable wiener dogs as they come into the rescue and when they are ready to adopt we list at the link to the right.

Our most current events and updates are on our Facebook page with photos from events, photos and videos of the dogs for adoption, free vet advice and questions answered and more.  We update that page daily with over 10,000 folks on that page now.


All of our dogs are fixed, up to date on their shots and worming so we give any health records we are given or start more records  (be aware most dogs come to rescue with NO records), come with personalities guarantees, adoption packages including food, collar, leash, harness coat, toys blankets and crates, if we have those donated items in stock.

Keep reading and scrolling below for our adoption form.  Thanks.

Since 1991!