Since 1991!

Our farm where the dog rescue is located is northwest of Spokane near Seven Mile and we are open by appointment only in advance.  This dog rescue is a private residence and we do have vicious watch dogs that we need to lock up so no one is injured.  If folks arrive without appointments they are chomped and go to the emergency room.

Once we have an appointment to drop off dogs (See our To Place a Dog Page first BEFORE calling us) or come to adopt or volunteer only then will we give our exact location.  We can't have folks dumping their horse or other unwanted animals while we are sleeping, etc.

Margo Mossburg, is the director or main pooper scooper here since we opened in 1991.  It was my silly idea to work horses and start the dog rescue here at the same time to help wieners needing more training before placement.

Dennis Mossburg is the head volunteer who keeps all the machinery running like appliances, cars and riding mowers.

There are 100+ other steady volunteers who attend events or come to the house to socialize and dog hug so our foster dogs get trained before placement.

Thanks but we already have enough foster homes that are close and convenient to us so we can get dogs back quickly when we have any adopters arriving to adopt.

If you want to volunteer see our To Volunteer page.

get in touch!  

If you are trying to place a dog with us please READ the To Place a Dog page first on this site BEFORE calling or emailing us on the form below. Many questions are already answered.  

If you want to adopt, please read that To Adopt page BEFORE calling or emailing as we do not adopt dogs without our waiting list form filled in first.  We do answer 500+ emails a day for this dog rescue so we do not adopt without our paperwork first.  Thanks.

Mailing for donations:

P.O. Box 1383 Airway Heights WA 99001 US


Message Phone Only:     (509) 796-2140

This is a message only phone number above so leave a message.  We will never answer it when working.  Email is always faster.  It is hard to talk on the phone with a noisy wiener day care here.  I check emails all day long and check the phone once or twice a day.

More history, Contact Details and our location below: