Since 1991!

One of their horribly matted breeders below:

Are you sure you want to buy ANY animals from these folks or people just like them?  How can you tell how they treat their breeders?  Many dogs sold on the Internet are living in this filthy, tiny building but you can't smell how awful it smells when buying animals online or to have them shipped to you or to pick them up in a parking lot.  They advertise all over web sites asking folks to text them and use sites like Craig's List and and other puppy and small animals sites all over the Internet.  Please go and inspect anyone selling any animals over the Internet and report them if you see their animals in these conditions.  Thanks.

HOW TO AVOID ALL ANIMAL ABUSERS LIKE THESE CONVICTED CRIMINALS:  Please do NOT buy ANY animals in parking lots which is it illegal in most counties in our state now for Washington.  Please go to people's homes to inspect them, get your paperwork including receipts with date and the breeder's contact information including their full name, address, emails and phones, the dog's registration papers  in hand when picking up your puppy without vague promises of mailing the papers later, etc.

Buy from legit breeders who do not make you text and will allow you to come to their home to inspect them and see how ALL their animals are treated.  If you see filthy conditions like these Jeff and Sarah Schak who house their animals in filth with a bunch of starved dogs then REPORT them to the local sheriff's office or police AND animal control please.  Without witnesses coming forward quickly people like these jerks are allowed to keep starving their animals and selling their sick pups with parvo, giardia, fleas, tap worms as well as stressed and sick birds, bunnies, small farm animals, horses, etc.

Exactly how can you return any animal to a parking lot if not as promised? When buying in parking lots you could be putting money in the hands of major animal abusers who starve their dogs and are prolific puppy mill breeders like these people, Jeff and Sarah Elaine Schak of Deer Park, Washington, who are many times convicted animal abusers.  Sarah goes by many aliases so I am sharing her photos here.  She only texts people at this number 509-768-6779 or other numbers as well.  Their address is 4903 N Lenhard Lane, Deer Park, WA, 99006.  (See photos of their farm here on this page.)

Did you know the Schaks are now BANNED for five years from the American Kennel Club for selling their pups in disgusting conditions and selling mixed breeds as papered purebreds?  (See graphic right from the AKC web site.)  Let the buyer beware when the Schaks are constantly starving their animals or selling sick birds and dogs of all breeds. I warn folks always when we are very tired of rescuing any dogs they bred and horses they had at their fake horse rescue, Sleepy Hollow Horse Rescue which has since been closed by the sheriff's office for starving their horses, in 2005.  They still breed birds of all kinds, bunnies, farm animals, and dogs, etc.  

If you were abused by these people contact the Stevens County Sheriff's office in Washington state right away and press charges so they can be closed for good.  They need witnesses to come forward when you purchased starved, sick or abused animals of all kinds from them please.

Their dogs are warehoused in filthy conditions in a tiny building at mercy to the elements.  Click the red button above for more details on that.

Some of the many dog breeds they have at the Schak's puppy mill also includes these breeds plus a mutt mixture of all of these breeds: goldens, cavalier king charles spaniels, shitzu, chihuahua, poodles, goldendoodles, yorkies, boston terrier, havanese,  pomeranians, dachshunds, schanuzers, french bulldogs and every poodle mix under the sun.  They get their breeders off of Craig's List and advertise them as purebreds with papers.  They breed and breed without doing medical care nor do they do vet checks and don't give that paperwork to the new owners nor their shots or worming before selling them in parking lots!

​This is the front of their farm in Washington state.  BEWARE!